super8 wedding videographer

Super8 is a gorgeous format, which I consider closer to photography than 'videography'. I grew up with these beautiful old cameras, passed down from my grandfather to my father, my father to me. Vintage film is a life journey, something I have given my all to understanding, and to this day I am still learning. 

I love capturing wedding films, because I believe in a future that isn't just an eternity of disposable high definition video, but moments of spontaneous beauty, like real memories, that inspire the minds of future generations, as mine was when I first started watching old family events from before I was born.

Every wedding to me is unique, I shoot with four rolls of Kodak 8mm film, which is around ten minutes. I edit this down to a short (1 song) version, and you also receive the full ten minutes. I don't work to a set time limit, if you book me for your day that is what you have me for, and I like to think of myself as a guest with a camera, biding my time, waiting for those little unique moments to happen that I feel really make your wedding. 

My favourite thing above all is collaborating with a couple, talking beforehand about what it is they really want. I shoot both 8mm and film photography and love combining these two. 

We are only limited by our imaginations, so let's talk and see what we can come up with. For more information and to receive my commission details, drop me a line here.