Let’s have an adventure

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Full wedding coverage
Shot on Super 8mm using vintage cameras
Four reels of fresh Kodak film
Processed at one of the leading film labs in New York City Edited into a one song and presented on Quicktime for download


upgrade to stunning Super 16mm for a cleaner film image $495

Ala carte;

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… One last thing,

This is something of a wildcard for the true adventurers! There’s no set boundaries as such, if your wedding if over one day, or two, or the day before you fancy driving into the desert… if you want me to do both the film + photography, or have no real wedding plans and fancy collaborating with me… we are only limited by our imaginations! This is me turning up with a variation of cameras (Super 8 + photographic) a bag of film, and seeing what becomes of it all, then turned into a vintage box of various printed images, written word, moving image, celluloid, bits’n bobs - a true one of a kind, in the style of no other wedding keepsake out there! A real artistic commission. I do love this one so very much. All inclusive.


*not inclusive of travel + development