one-to-one mentoring, online

I love talking to people about film, offering advice on cameras, film stocks, development, processing and starting your business or giving it new direction. Mentoring was a huge part of my early film education, without it I wouldn't be doing what I am doing around the world, so I have started one-to-one, tailored online mentoring for individuals and business owners who are looking for a better understanding of this beautiful format.

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'Mark, my time with you was thought provoking, insightful, and highly productive. I had never thought to design my business around my lifestyle so intentionally. And even though we talked gear, some of your best advice was just about how to share my work more effectively with my clients. So grateful for you!'

- Robert Uehlin, Oregon, @lensandcompass

“My mentoring session with Mark left me feeling wildly inspired to start shooting with super8. His guidance on how to use my new camera and advice on different film stocks to test was invaluable. Thank you Mark for generously sharing so many tips that only a seasoned pro could know!”

- Sophie Siem, London, @sophiesiem