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'Our experience with Mark was a memory we will cherish forever. From the moment we saw his amazing work online we were in love, and knew it was exactly what we were looking for. Through our early Skype interactions we could tell instantly that he was a man who took pride in his work and would do everything possible to make sure we were all happy with the outcome. Mark is a fantastically lovely gentleman who is engaging beyond his work, and it shows with what he is able to produce. We couldn't be happier with our beautiful video & photos. Mark captured the magic of our wedding so perfectly, and the memories of those few days we were so fortunate to share with him will never be forgotten. Thank you so much Mark.' -Kaye-Maree & Marty, Sequoia 2017

'Hi Marky Mark. We got our little package and we are so delighted. Where to start - from unwrapping that little gem of a box which is just such a gorgeous thoughtful keepsake, to all the little surprises inside we are so very, very happy. It brought back so many wonderful memories of the day and we relived it all over again. We loved the tangible feel of the neatly wrapped and bound hard printed photos in our hands it was great with so many wonderful, beautiful shots - now to choose our favorite for the wall. We then found your little cork USB so novel we almost missed it completely lol. Wow wow wow - watching that longer movie was just incredible. You did such a fantastic job. So so dreamy, but more so, so full of love and it just resonated all our breadth of feelings that day.  Your passion and pleasure for your art and craft shone thru with such a unique result. One we will cherish for a lifetime. One more thing we just couldn't forget Boris in his starring role - we will forever hold a special place in our hearts and be thankful for his participation in the big day - such an awesome guy - the laughter will always roll on when we watch him catch the bouquet. Your professionalism, easy going nature, approachability and ability to be apart of the day as family and to really connect on another level manifests in your work. So from the bottom of our hearts thanks for everything.' -Kaye-Maree + Marty, Sequoia 2017

'In Norway there are very few wedding film photographers, and all of them are the same. We knew we wanted something different. Something able to capture the love and happiness of our wedding day. When we looked outside of our country, and found Mark Brown in London, we knew we had found the right one. We watched all of his films several times, and had a very nice meeting and a drink with him in London, and decided to go for it. We have not regretted it one second. Mark has the whole way been very informative, and been genuinly interested in our preparations and plans for the big day. He came all the way to Norway, and stayed with us throughout the whole day. It was a delight to have him there, as he films in the background, and gives a few notes, without being in the way. It felt as though having a friend come over to visit. When the film was ready, we probably watched in 10-15 times just the first night, We were so moved by the way the film captured the romance of the day, and the love between us as a couple. We feel as though it is our Love Story, captured on film, being even more beautiful on the 8 mm. We have watched it again and again, and get equally moved every time, and so do our families and friends. Thank you so much, Mark, for giving us a way to always remember the happiest day of our lives. We are truly grateful.' -Tine + Simen, Oslo 2015

'Mark is so very personable and envelopes himself in your entire weekend. I'm convinced that's how he is able to piece this all together-down to his selection of music. Without a doubt, you will be so thankful for booking Mark to film your wedding.' -Alexandra + Cameron, Virginia 2016

'Our movie captured everything we had hoped for.  We really wanted to have shots of our family and friends as a reminder of all the love that was present that day.  We were thrilled with the music you chose.  The lyrics were stunning and it paired so perfectly with the film.  It had us laughing and crying, just like on our wedding day!  You were so wonderful to work with and our only request is that we could have had you around all weekend.  Thank you so much for capturing the day just as we remembered… perfect.' -Nicole + Scott, Maui 2016

'Mark is amazing, he captured every ounce of happiness and love on our day. His films are truly magical and make you believe in love. Thank you Mark, we are forever grateful for our beautiful video!' -Kristina + Nikolai, Palm Springs 2016

'Mark- Wow!!!!! We LOVE it!!! As a film and television producer I truly appreciate the art and passion that goes into each of your films. Our wedding felt like a dream I never wanted to wake up from and your film allows us to relive this perfect dream indefinitely- with an impeccable soundtrack. So thank you for creating something magical not only for us but for our family and friends to enjoy forever. With Love, Ariana and Nate.' -Ariana + Nate, Greece, 2016

Dearest Mark. Now that we have had a chance to watch the film another hundred times at least, I just wanted to send a proper heartfelt thank you. It is a work of art and you are true master of your craft with a such a warm heart. We were utterly lost for words the first time we watched it and shared tears and smiles all the way through to the end. How you choose your moments to shoot, is a skill in itself! The final edit is just magical. We absolutely adore the music you have chosen to compliment it so incredibly, the beautiful light and how you have perfectly captured the personalities of each of our three children is so so special. We feel truly privileged and grateful that you were part of our wedding day and will treasure these memories for the rest of time. I can only imagine our children and their children looking back at this one day when we are gone, with such huge pride and love, in a way that just would never be possible with an HD film or photograph. We are blown away. Very best wishes to you on your onward adventure. -Helaina + Dan, France 2016

'The minute we met Mark, he really put us at ease. The day flew by, and now, watching Mark's footage is the most magical experience, because suddenly we can linger on each intimate moment or each flutter of excitement. The footage really captures everything we were feeling and every moment we cared about, as well as the brilliant faces and expressions of those we love. Thank you so much, Mark, for your calming presence, your vision, and bringing your beautiful craft to us! We couldn't be more in love with the result!' -Jillian + Daniel, Santa Barbara

"Our video is simply perfect, and something that we will treasure for ever. Super 8 is such a cool medium in itself, but Mark truly brings out the best in it. We feel extremely lucky to have been able to work with Mark. Not only do we appreciate him creatively, but he was also a joyful addition to the weekend." -Sarah + George, Dordogne 2016

'Your collection of films, where you have captured beautiful moments of love and joy in some of the most stunning places in the world, speaks for itself.  Therefore, we were so happy and humbled that you took on our request to capture our wedding day in Fullerton, California.  And, we were so glad that you were as excited about our venue, Villa del Sol, as we were. Now that all the hustle and bustle has come and gone, we have been able to really sit back and appreciate all the wonderful things surrounding our wedding.... from the anticipation and preparation, to the actual wedding day festivities. The film you have made for us has made the day such a wonderful timeless memory... a collection of beautiful images full of smiles, laughter, and love.  I originally wanted to make song recommendations for the film. But as I thought more about it, I realized it was best to let you have the freedom to use your artistic vision.   The song used, "Hear the song that moves so soft and low" by James Vincent McMorrow" truly adds to that sense of timelessness, making our wedding feel like it could have taken place 50 years ago, or just yesterday.  The song is so soft and subtle, giving it that intimate feel that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Thank you for being a part of the happiest day of our lives, and for capturing it in all its beauty for posterity. You truly are an artist! With love and gratitude.' -Phuong + Alex, Fullerton 2016