a serious man, by Laura Goldenberger



"Mark created such a beautiful wedding video for us. We were so touched by the thoughtfulness and care he took in making it, and deeply moved by the intimate moments he captured. Jamie and I will cherish it always."

Kate Mara (House of Cards), July 2017



"I have just watched the most romantic, beautifully shot wedding video I have ever seen. This is someone you need to include in your wedding budget."

Lucia Debieux, style editor, Marie Claire





Hello, and welcome. My name is Mark and I am a time-traveler

Have you ever met a time-traveler before? No?! Well here is your chance.

If you're lucky (and get a glass of wine into me) I will tell you all about my adventures around the world, creating these timeless love stories, meeting wonderful people, and having so much fun doing it.


I am available as a filmmaker and/or photographer, worldwide


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