a serious man, by Laura Goldenberger



"As a movie director, my husband is rarely impressed,  and we were... very. The film is truly wonderful and you really captured the vibe and energy of the day in a very romantic and stylised way… A treat to watch and to keep forever. Thank you."

 Jacqui & Guy Ritchie, July 2015


"I have just watched the most romantic, beautifully shot wedding video I have ever seen. This is someone you need to include in your wedding budget."

Lucia Debieux, style editor, Marie Claire


wedding super8 cinematographer markbrownfilms.com

I don't consider myself a "wedding videographer", I don't do packages & set hours,

I do adventures! 

I love collaborating, traveling and telling stories using different formats - I use vintage movie cameras and Polaroid film, for me it's about capturing moments, real moments, not just about making a shiny wedding video.

If you are excited by the idea of marrying the love of your life, beyond everything else, and want something beautiful in its imperfection, something made in the moment that will last forever, then drop me a line and say hello. 

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