a serious man, by Laura Goldenberger


"Mark created such a beautiful wedding video for us. We were so touched by the thoughtfulness and care he took in making it, and deeply moved by the intimate moments he captured. Jamie and I will cherish it always."

Kate Mara (House of Cards), July 2017


"I absolutely love your work. My husband to be is a movie director and very rarely impressed. I showed him your films and he was. Very!"

Jacqui & Guy Ritchie, July 2015


"I have just watched the most romantic, beautifully shot wedding video I have ever seen. This is someone you need to include in your wedding budget."

Lucia Debieux, style editor, Marie Claire




The course of my life has been directed by these things; the memory of an old cigar box containing my grandparents wedding photographs and super8 film, the open road, and a never ending desire to meet people and tell stories. So here I am, a filmmaker about the world, on the adventure of a lifetime, armed with a cigar box I want to fill with your love story, using vintage cameras and real Kodak film. 


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