a serious man, by Laura Goldenberger

 "As a movie director, my husband is rarely impressed,  and we were... very. The film is truly wonderful and you really captured the vibe and energy of the day in a very romantic and stylised way… A treat to watch and to keep forever. Thank you."

 Jacqui & Guy Ritchie, July 2015


"I have just watched the most romantic, beautifully shot wedding video I have ever seen. This is someone you need to include in your wedding budget."

Lucia Debieux, style editor, Marie Claire

"Mark created such a beautiful wedding video for us. We were so touched by the thoughtfulness and care he took in making it, and deeply moved by the intimate moments he captured. Jamie and I will cherish it always."

Kate Mara (House of Cards), July 2017 

wedding super8 cinematographer markbrownfilms.com

a vintage filmmaker for your modern romance!

I don't like to think of myself as a "wedding videographer / photographer", I don't do packages & set hours, I do adventures,

and there is nothing more adventurous to me than two people in love, on a journey.

If the idea of collaborating, playing with old cameras, and creating images beautiful in their imperfection makes you beam from ear to ear,

let’s have some fun.

M x